Our mission

Hiventures’ mission is to support innovative ideas of the present and future and to foster a sustainable and value-generating ecosystem of start-ups, SMEs and large enterprises in Hungary.

As a state-owned venture capital company and a member of the MFB Group, we support the entire Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem with capital using our own resources and those from the European Union to provide financing solutions from the idea phase to large-scale investments. Our processes are professionally supervised by the National Research, Development and Innovation Office and the Hungarian Development Bank. We aim to establish long-term strategic cooperation with the members of the domestic and regional start-up, SME and large company ecosystem. Using our extensive network of mentors, we continuously provide professional support for our ventures in the pre-seed phase.

Hiventures contributes to stimulate the foundation of domestic enterprises, to the education of the start-up ecosystem, to the development of talents, to the domestic and foreign market expansion of Hungarian businesses and to enhance Hungary’s domestic and international competitiveness.