Funding programmes

Business activities of Hiventures Venture Capital Fund Management

Hiventures, a member of the MFB Group, has become one of the biggest and most active capital fund managers of Central and Eastern Europe, supporting the entire Hungarian entrepreneurial ecosystem. With our own and EU resources, we are the capital investment partner of start-ups that have innovative solutions and great growth potential in the incubation, seed and growth phase and of Hungarian small, medium and large enterprises. The sum of our investment funds is over 155 billion forints. During our processes, our professional partner is the Hungarian Development Bank (MFB)

About the GINOP funding programme

The funding programmes of the Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (GINOP) aim to help businesses that are not or not adequately financed from market resources, mainly SMEs. Starting businesses, start-ups, micro-enterprises and businesses with research and development projects are more likely to face issues with a lack of financing resources. Within the frameworks of these programmes - Research and Development and Innovation State Capital Fund, Infocommunications State Capital Fund, Business Infocommunications and Digitalisation Capital Fund – the financed projects have to be realised in Hungary, more specifically in less developed regions, so start-ups from Central Hungary cannot be funded.

GINOP funding programmes by Hiventures

Funding programmes from our own resources

We are constantly looking for opportunities, ideas, projects, transactions and investments in which we can play the role of a catalyst, which couldn’t be realised without capital financing due to market shortfall. The Hungarian Development Bank’s Growth Capital Fund, the Fashion & Design Capital Fund and the Hungarian Development Bank’s Corporate Investment and Transaction Private Equity Fund all aim to support the market expansion and growth of as many start-ups, small, medium and large enterprises as possible, and to allow these companies to remain in Hungarian ownership.