Corporate responsibility

Our most important mission is to provide resources for the growth and innovation of Hungarian enterprises and to improve the whole industry’s competitiveness. We support innovative ideas of the present and the future, encourage the establishment of domestic businesses, educate the entrepreneurial community and the market and support Hungarian talents in spreading their wings. As investors, we open new dimensions for investments and developments, and create a stimulating environment for improvement. We believe that the key to Hungary’s domestic and international competitiveness is to start as many financially solid Hungarian businesses as possible.

Our daily work is based on ethical and transparent business processes, our product parameters are prudent, our investment mechanism is predictable.

Encouraging the engagement of women in the world of startups

We believe that success and diversity go hand in hand, that’s why the role of women is essential within the innovation and entrepreneurial ecosystem. By organising our own programmes and establishing strategic partnerships, we strive to support as many women as possible in seeing the potential in being an entrepreneur and to encourage them to start their own successful business.

Shaping the attitude of young people, talent management

Besides pro bono mentoring of young entrepreneurs at Hiventures, we also take an active role in professional initiatives that focus on shaping an entrepreneurial attitude, improving necessary skills and starting businesses

Promoting business concepts that support sustainable development

By adapting the 17 sustainable development goals specified by the UN, we are eager to find projects that are not only financially stable, but also have a positive social and environmental effect on the long run