EU Funding programmes

Activities of Hiventures

Our main objective is to provide funding for innovative enterprises with high growth potential in their pre-seed, seed and growth stages. With the help of the program, we support pre-established or young R+D+I companies. Our operation is professionally supervised by the Hungarian Development Bank Plc. (Magyar Fejlesztési Bank Zrt.).

About ginop funding programmes

The Economic Development and Innovation Operational Programme (Gazdaságfejlesztési és Innovációs Operatív Program - GINOP) aims to provide resources for SMEs that lack market resources or are not properly funded. It focuses on economic situations where adequate funding is not available on the market (this could be a problem for startups, micro enterprises, for companies dealing with research development projects). The funded projects need to be located in Hungary in a less developed region as part of the funding programme. Projects in the Central Hungarian Region are not to be funded.

Funding programmes managed by Hiventures